Atarashi HQ – we sell equipment that will change your life

Innovative technology has always helped humanity move forward. People who created an idea and believed in it, working on it no matter what, have always succeeded.
Thus Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideas about an independent distributed financial registry have completely changed the idea of a digital monetary system. The grand transformation began back in 2009 and continues today, supported by millions of followers. Bitcoin was the beginning of the cryptocurrency era and remains No. 1 until now. It spawned many cryptocurrencies and new financial technologies, as well as opened a new segment of electronic equipment for mining cryptocurrencies.
There have been many ups and downs of Cryptocurrencies, and there have been many risks. But that’s always the case with new technology. We only believe in its growth, its reliability, and its ubiquity. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in this line of business.
If you are an investor, crypto-enthusiast or just a person who wants to touch the technology that brings income and allows you to become a full member of Cryptocurrency network, then our offer is for you.

Atarashi HQ offers you only the best equipment for mining cryptocurrencies!

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