About Atarashi HQ

Our organization is a structural subdivision of Atarashi Chiheisen Co., Ltd. We sell for any reason unclaimed equipment of our partners for mining cryptocurrencies. Some of our units have been on the electronics market since the mid-60s. In 2017 we were interested in the fast-growing and fast-developing segment of electronics – cryptocurrency mining equipment. This market is hard to predict and risky, but we decided to give it a try. Our employees found contacts of mining startups who did not succeed in organizing a mining farm and launching a business. Our company bought back the unclaimed equipment and returned to our partners a part of their investment in the business. We succeeded. Our business turned out to be liquid and with a high ROI. We are helping our partners, delighting our customers and making a profit. We succeeded in the market of industrial electronics, and we will succeed in the market of cryptocurrency mining equipment. There is a lot of work ahead, but we are ready for it!

Wabushi Hojo

I am sure that the world is ready for a global financial transformation and the introduction of cryptocurrencies everywhere. Such technologies exist and are working successfully. The only thing we are all waiting for is a political decision…

Wabushi Hojo
Reiji Misawa

In recent years, I’ve never been more interested in working in the electronics market. Starting to trade bitcoin miners was a risk, but we believed in our success. Now we have fully realized the demand for such equipment, thereby strengthening our business position in the global electronics market.

Reiji Misawa
Mizuki Osaku

As the head of the sales department, I was focused only on success. Our team worked hard and we got an excellent result. I am happy to be working with a unique technology that has changed the world.

Mizuki Osaku
Corporate Profile
Company NameAtarashi Chiheisen Co., Ltd.
Structural DivisionAtarashi HQ
EstablishedApril 18, 2016
Main Businesses AreasTrading cryptocurrency mining equipment
Capitalization¥9,007.3 million
Number of Employees36
President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Wabushi Hojo
Head of divisionReiji Misawa
Reg. numberJT 5022-63/С1