Hosting cryptomining equipment

As you scale your cryptocurrency mining business or you own just one or a few miners, there are always a few questions that arise:

– Where to place the equipment?

– How to dissipate excessive heat?

– Where to get cheap electricity?

– How and when to maintain miners?

– How to ensure the safety of equipment?

In response to numerous requests from our clients, we and our Canadian partners have organized a service for hosting cryptocurrency mining equipment – Atarashi HQ Hosting.

The mining farms are located in the province of Quebec, Canada. This region provides farms with cheap electricity due to the large number of hydroelectric power plants. Our partners in Canada provide us with secured areas to place hangars or containers for mining equipment and supply electricity. The power provided is up to 200 MW and can be increased in the future. And our company provides supply of miners, power equipment, networking and communication equipment, as well as installation and setup of cryptomainers.

Using the services of our service, you get the following advantages:

– Some of the lowest prices for mining equipment;

– Low prices for hosting and electricity;

– 24/7 equipment monitoring and timely maintenance, 24/7 support;

– 100% security of the equipment;

– Flexible hosting plans;

Working with us, you can be fully confident that your equipment is in the hands of a professional team that is proud of its reputation and values each client!

Atarashi HQ Hosting

Hosting fees

Service planHashrate (avg.)MinersBuyRenew
“Terra”90 TH/sAvalonMiner A1246Buy ItRenew now
“Neptunus”100 TH/sWhatsMiner M30S+Buy ItRenew now
“Uranus”104 TH/sAntminer S19j ProBuy ItRenew now
“Mars”9,050 MH/sAntminer L7Buy ItRenew now
“Saturnus”550 TH/sAntminer S19 Pro x5Buy ItRenew now
“Jupiter”1,120 TH/sWhatsMiner M30S++ x10Buy ItRenew now
*Read the FAQ carefully