Antbox N5


Antbox N5 (ver.2) product specification:

Maximum power: 1250 A

Single PDU rated current: 31 A

Single unit rated current: 18 A

Single socket rated current: 9 A

2500 KVA transformer can bring Antbox quantity: 4

Snow load (KN/m2): 3.5

Power Distribution Cabinet (PDC): 1

PDU: 24 (Each: C13X18 (Mining Machine) +C13X1 (Switch))

Miner power cable: 207*2 PCS (C14 Female Connector on one terminal, С13 Male Connector on the other terminal. UL certificate)

Network cable: 207 FIP Single Shielded Cable

Rack: 3

Water curtain: 2

Container certification: China Classification Society Certification

Safety certificate: Power distribution cabinet, PDUs, cables, switches, network cables, etc are certified by UL/CUL


The container is shipped from China.

*(Delivery is charged individually)

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Version: N5 (ver.2)

Miner capacity: 17/19 series miner is 207 units

Operating power: 745 KW

Voltage Input and frequency: 380V~415 V AC, 50~60 HZ

Size: 6058*2438*2896 mm

Wieght: 4.05 T

Manufacturer: Bitmain Technology Holding Company

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